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quinta-feira, janeiro 05, 2006

A Corrida Presidencial, Segundo A "Bentandwin"

[Do nosso reforço de Inverno, este excelente post:]

All the runners are now in their starting cages. For those who are now starting to ear this transmission, seven runners have already failed to comply with the minimum qualifying times, and therefore are not running today. Runners in the grid are now, “Pear tree” in position one, “Chat”, one time runner-up in position two, “Happy” in position three, “Xico” in position four, “Geronimus”, position five and the two-times winner “Super Mario”, position six. We are waiting for the green signal from the bet houses. Remember all bets must be submitted before the race starts. We have not the final figures from our statistic department, but provisional data gives a big probability advantage to runner nr. 2 “chat”. The official is now pointing the gun to the air, this is an exciting race ladies and gentlemen, and the starting signal is just about to be fired. Annnnnd…there it is, all six runners are now in the field, with “chat” advancing both “happy” and “super Mario” by a nose. Remember “chat” has to win the race by more than 50 meters, to be declared officially the winner. If not, he will have an extra-time race with his runner- up. Fourth place “Xico” comes with tremendous energy but relaxed like someone who believes this is just part of a bigger race, and the final score does not depend only on this part. “Geronimus” looks tired, far away from the energy of the ancient Indian chief, but still running. Surprisingly, “chat” is running almost always with his mouth closed, and when he rarely opens it, he does it almost mechanically”. Despite the age “super Mario” is doing well, but is already 30 meters behind “chat”. He keeps running the old way, with the same style that gave him the victory twenty years ago. But, look now…seems like “happy” is complaining about the leather belts around him. Will he be able to get rid of it? Still a long way to the finishing line, ladies and gentlemen…
[Mário Vieira, publicado também no Dolo Eventual]

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